Whether you need general car repairs, state inspection and emissions testing or a simple filling of your gas tank, Ettwein's Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all things automobile-related in Erie, PA. 


Looking for a good ol' fashioned experience? Flash back to the past and let us fill your gas tank for you. Not only is Ettwein's a full service gas station with self-service pricing, we also offer a variety of other general car repairs.

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Plugs, Wires, & Filters | Ettwein's Service Station in Erie, PA

Spark Plugs & Wire Replacements in Erie, PA - Ettwein's Service StationSpark Plug & Wire Replacement

Does your car shake when you start it or have difficulties accelerating? Spark plugs and wires are a fundamental part of getting your car's engine started. Spark plugs and wires send an electric current to your engine to ignite the air and fuel mixture to get the engine running. 

They tend to wear out over time so spark plug and wire replacement is an important part of car maintenance. The certified auto technicians of Ettwein's Service Station have a thorough understanding of spark plug and wire replacement.

Air & Fuel Filter Replacement

Air and fuel filters of cars are also essential in allowing your engine to function properly. Car filters protect the engine by keeping air and fuel particles fresh and clearing any debris in the gas tank.

A few symptoms that indicate an air and/or fuel filter might need replaced include:

  • Lack of power
  • Poor gas mileage
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Engine is running rough

Generally, air and fuel filters aren't very expensive although it is extremely important that they get installed properly to prevent
costly car repairs in the future. We can ensure that you will receive proper installation of the air and fuel filters as well as provide
professional, high-quality service. 

For timely car repairs, contact Ettwein's Service Station in Erie, PA.