Whether you need general car repairs, state inspection and emissions testing or a simple filling of your gas tank, Ettwein's Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all things automobile-related in Erie, PA. 


Looking for a good ol' fashioned experience? Flash back to the past and let us fill your gas tank for you. Not only is Ettwein's a full service gas station with self-service pricing, we also offer a variety of other general car repairs.

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Car Battery Repair in Erie, PA | Ettwein's Service Station

Car Battery Repair Services in Erie, PA - Ettwein's Service StationHave you ever gotten stranded because your car battery died, or went to start your car in the morning and received nothing but a clicking noise in return? Since the battery is the sole source of electrical power for your car, it is essential in order to start your car or to utilize any electrical components such as headlights or the radio. Ettwein's can provide the proper car battery repair services you need.

Battery failure can happen due to a number of reasons such as:

  • Age - batteries last about 4-5 years
  • Weather conditions - extreme high or low temperatures
  • Charging system not operating properly
  • Electrical drain on battery

Corrosion due to aging is a car battery's worst enemy. Ettwein's has experienced auto technicians on staff that can properly install a new car battery and provide quality car battery repair services as needed. When it comes to car battery repair and maintenance services, Ettwein's provides the best quality service in the most professional manner.

Contact Ettwein's for quality car battery repair services in Erie, PA.