Whether you need general car repairs, state inspection and emissions testing or a simple filling of your gas tank, Ettwein's Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all things automobile-related in Erie, PA. 


Looking for a good ol' fashioned experience? Flash back to the past and let us fill your gas tank for you. Not only is Ettwein's a full service gas station with self-service pricing, we also offer a variety of other general car repairs.

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Car AC Recharge Services in Erie, PA | Ettwein's Service Station

Car AC Recharge Services in Erie, PA - Ettwein's Service StationOne of the most frustrating moments anyone can experience is when car air conditioners stop blowing cold air in the midst of a hot summer day. Refrigerant leaks are one of the most commonly requested auto AC repairs and can easily be fixed with car AC recharge services. Lack of cold air flow can also be a sign of other problems related to car air conditioners.

A few main causes of weak air flow in car AC units include: 

  • Build up of mold or mildew
  • Loose blower hose
  • Damaged ventilation fan
  • Opened seals
  • Lack of refrigerant

Ettwein's has certified auto technicians who have extensive experience in providing auto AC repairs in Erie, PA. Our auto technicians can provide the auto AC repairs, including AC recharge services, you need to bring it back to optimal performance with proper specifications in no time. Whether you need a whole new car AC unit or it's as simple as refilling the refrigerant, the auto technicians of Ettwein's in Erie, PA can get the job done right.

Schedule an appointment with Ettwein's for auto AC repairs and car AC recharge services in Erie, PA.