Whether you need general car repairs, state inspection and emissions testing or a simple filling of your gas tank, Ettwein's Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all things automobile-related in Erie, PA. 


Looking for a good ol' fashioned experience? Flash back to the past and let us fill your gas tank for you. Not only is Ettwein's a full service gas station with self-service pricing, we also offer a variety of other general car repairs.

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Customer Reviews | Ettwein's Service Station in Erie, PA

Honest and best car service in Erie and the only one I trust. I'm doing this review because I wasn't charged this last inspection when my car didn't pass. They won't hold your car ransom if it doesn't pass and didn't even charge me. It's been 5 inspections and each time without them telling me I need such and such at an outrageous price, like a new wiper for $40, which has actually happened amongst other craziness. When my car didn't pass I was hoping they could do the repair so that I could support this shop and know it would be fixed at a fair price, but they didn't do framework. The car passed after I got it fixed.
- Jim

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