Whether you need general car repairs, state inspection and emissions testing or a simple filling of your gas tank, Ettwein's Service Station is the one-stop-shop for all things automobile-related in Erie, PA. 


Looking for a good ol' fashioned experience? Flash back to the past and let us fill your gas tank for you. Not only is Ettwein's a full service gas station with self-service pricing, we also offer a variety of other general car repairs.

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FAQs | Ettwein's Service Station in Erie, PA

Q: Why does my car overheat?
There are a few different reasons why your car might be overheating such as low coolant, electric cooling fan failure, thermostat isn't opening, broken fan belt, or a clogged radiator. Ettwein's Service Station has the experienced staff on-hand to help with any of these repairs.
Q: Why doesn't my car start?
A few of the main reasons why your car won't start might be because your car battery is dead, electrical fuse problem, bad ignition switch, or a fuel pump issue. By working with the certified auto technicians at Ettwein's, you can ensure that your car will be fixed properly.
Q: Why is there no heat in my car?
The most common reasons why heat doesn't work in cars is because of problems with the thermostat, water pump, or low levels of coolant. Ettwein's can surely help get heat back in your car if this is an issue you're experiencing.
Q: Do I need a tune up?
The year of your car would determine if it needs a tune up or a diagnostic test. Contact the certified auto technicians at Ettwein's to schedule an appointment today.
Q: What do I need for state inspection?
When bringing your car in for a state inspection, you will need your insurance, registration and we recommend performing a standard safety check prior.

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